Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Exclusive: first-hand report on Hizbullah fighters in Qusayr


This picture was taken only a few days ago by a Hizbullah fighter in Qusayr.  Hizbullah fighters are under strict instructions to not take pictures but many do and many are sending messages through Whatsup.  I have received the information and pictures from Qusayr from a sister of someone who was there, who shall not be identified.  Here is what I know: that the first two days of fighting was rather easy for the fighters but then they were slowed down. As they continued their advance, they were met by heavy resistance mounted mostly by Chechnyan fighters.  The most deadly weapon used against Hizbullah fighters was the method used by Chechnyan fighters: they dig a hole in the ground at the doorstep of the house (as in the hole seen above in the picture), and then they shoot from below at the fighters as they enter.  They then shoot them in the head when they fall down.  Most Hizbullah casualties were suffered in those encounters (a stupid sleazy--literally in the case of this one--Hariri website did mention that oddly many Hizbullah fighters were shot in the foot, and it stupidly speculated that they were deliberately doing that to themselves to be pulled out from battle, while in reality the party has been receiving more volunteers than it can accommodate).   Hizbullah fighters, I am told, were shocked at the state of the Syrian army: that they are so ill-equipped and ill-prepared and ill-supplied.  They now say that matters improved for the "battle" and that they now control some 45% of the area.  Personally, I don't know how this will go.  Nasrallah spoke about "victory" in his last speech, but what is victory for the party in Syria? How would it be defined? I write about this in my weekly article in Al-Akhbar this Saturday.