Monday, April 29, 2013

From Swedish media

From Uffe in Stockholm:  "In a review from a concert with the swedish popband The Knife in Bremen, Germany, the swedish journalist Johanna Paulsson makes a racist observation in the most important swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter (Daily News) in Sundays issue. She notes that the palestinian-american performer Tarek Halaby, who opens the act, makes her think of a suicidebomber when he tries to boost the audience in to the right mood and among other things says: "Im alive and I am not afraid to die."

Why does she make that kind of an observation if it wasnt about her own prejudice?

That version of the review is only in the paperversion though so I cant give you a link. I have asked the paper why they let that kind of rubbish in but so far no response. Maybe they think its a non-topic. That Im just another guy who cries out racism for no reason. A lot of people in Sweden are getting tired about calling racist things for racism. And they blame left-wing media.

And from another media, Aftonbladet, swedens biggest newspaper (and leftleaning), they have noticed the decline of Al-Jazeera, the arabic version. They are noticing that less people watch it and that its because they see a political agenda.
In a second article they interview a swedish woman born in Syria. She is studying to become a journalist. She used to dream of working for Al-Jazeera, but no more. She even has a personal memory of factual distortion from Syria. Al-Jazeera were reporting about riots and demonstrations from Aleppo in january 2012. But she was there and saw nothing of the kind."