Tuesday, April 30, 2013

burning Muslims alive in Nigeria

From a reader: "Their home had paid a heavy price: as many as 200 civilians, maybe more, were killed during the military’s rampage, according to refugees, senior relief workers, civilian officials and human rights organizations." "Many dead, many dead," said Mohammed Muhammed, 40, a taxi driver from Baga. "People running into the flames, I saw that. If they didn't run into the flames, the army will shoot them." As flames enveloped the houses — "they used petroleum," he said of the soldiers — he fled into the surrounding desert scrub. "If you come out" from the flaming houses "they will shoot you," he said. "Please, sir, charge them in the international court!" he shouted." "Hundreds of residents fled into the bush, where they lived for days in harsh conditions, and are only now trickling back into the town. "The aged people, the people that couldn't run, most of those people were burned," said Antony Emmanuel, a fish buyer. "Small children, their parents left them, they were burned."

United States Secretary of State John Kerry: "Unfortunately, they are facing some tough violence in the northern part of the country, which we condemn, and we join with them in helping to fight against extremism. And we're appreciative for their support on any number of issues, from economic leadership to energy leadership, security."