Friday, April 19, 2013

Buffoons of Muslim-American organizations

The buffoons of Muslim-American organizations are holding a press conference in Washington, DC today.  Why? Why are you so eager to speak on the matter when the manhunt is not even over? And what will you say? Condemn?  Why not reinforce the view, by not speaking, that condemnation is to be assumed by all American about all Americans?  Do you see Jewish-American organizations rushing to hold press conferences every time a Jewish person commits an act of murder or terrorism?  Why do you act suspicious when you are innocent? Why do you remind American bigots that they are not wrong in their suspicions of you? Why not issue a statement saying once and for all that you condemn all acts of terrorism like all other Americans and that for that, you will shut up if some Muslim kook or terrorist commits an act of murder or terrorism in the future?