Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Israeli violations of the ceasefire

From Don in Berlin:  "The first rocket since the ceasefire came into effect was fired from Gaza yesterday. It landed outside Ashkelon not causing any damage. As expected the event was widely reported and discussed in the western media. What they did not report the last three months and most media outlets even forgot to mention now, are the astounding more than 100 ceasefire violations by Israel that have been recorded since November. Four Palestinians have been killed in Gaza by Israeli soldiers and more then 90 were (really) injured during that time.
Ben White has an interesting info graphic about this in his Aljazeera Online Oped: It "depicts the number of attacks on the Gaza Strip by the Israeli military during this three-month period, as well as the number of Palestinian attacks emanating from Gaza. Since late November, Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip have averaged over one a day, every day”. 
OccupiedPalestine Blog has done a really great job documenting attacks and violations in detail :