Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Lebanese genius

He not only invented a "cure" for cancer but...
 (And in appreciation to his services, the Republican Party in US Congress, which he joined after obtaining citizenship in the era of George H.W Bush, the medal of freedom, in 1994, and he is the fourth person after Ronald Reagan, Margret Thatcher, and actor Sharlton Heston.  He also won the medal of Ellis Island which is presented to prominent immigrants or their descendants who had made great contributions to the American civilization."
"وتقديرا لخدماته منحه الحزب الجمهوري في الكونغرس، الذي انتمى اليه بعدما نال الجنسية في عهد بوش الاب، "ميدالية الحرية" عام 1994. وهو الشخصية الرابعة بعد رونالد ريغان ومارغريت تاتشر والممثل شارلتون هستون، كذلك نال وسام "اليس ايلاند" الذي يقدم الى المهاجرين البارزين او ابنائهم الذين قدموا عطاءات كبرى للحضارة الاميركية." (thanks Joe)

PS I once was visiting Houston and asked friends who are physicians there, and they laughed at his bombastic claims.  No one knows who he is, one of them told me.