Friday, January 25, 2013

Leila Khaled on Syria

From Angry Arab's correspondent in Turkey who was in attendance:
"A panel discussion named "What is happening in Syria" was organized by the Turkish Socialist Anew Foundation - Sosyalist Yeniden Kuruluş (SYK) in Istanbul to discuss the events in Syria and one of the participants was Laila Khaled from Popular Front For the Liberation of Palestine. Laila Khaled insisted on that the events in Syria cannot be named as "revolution" but, with all their respect to the Syrian people legitimate demands, the armed groups are fighting for a different agenda. Khaled, said that the Syria was under a joint attack of Gulf monarchies and Turkey, and their real aim is in accordance with US regional policy for to secure Israel state. The icon of the liberation movement of the Palestine said that their stand is not for supporting Bashar Al Assad but peoples of Syria who have been supporting the Palestinian in their struggle against the Zionists. She also directly attacks the Turkish foreign policy in the region by saying "Those who are hosting the US bases cannot stand with the struggle of Palestinians."  After her speech many questions were asked and one of them is about Yarmouk Refugee camp. She said FSA with Al Qaeda and gangs attacked the camp, loot the houses of Palestininans and the offices of the Palestinian political groups. "The raids were forcing them to retreat from the camp, and when we demanded Syrian government to stop the raids, they did. But we also called FSA to retreat from the camp but they break their promises. And killed Palestinians who want to return their home". "

PS Now this is Angry Arab speaking: I believe that Leila Khaled has compromised herself in recent years with ties to the Hariri family.  Furthermore, the present-day PFLP has been compromised: its branch in Syria works closely with the Syrian regime while its branch in the West Bank works closely with the PA collaborationist regime.  The organization should have been dissolved long time ago, if you ask me.