Thursday, January 31, 2013

Al Gore

When Bill Clinton chose Al Gore as his vice-presidential candidate in 1992, he presented him as the expert on foreign policy (simply because he "sat" on the foreign relations committee on the Senate).  To showcase his credentials, he appeared on the This Week program on ABC News the following day.  I was watching.  He was asked about the call for moving the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.  He was indignant: he said that it should be moved because all foreign embassies in Israel were located in Jerusalem.  When he said those word, I checked: only Costa Rica and El Salvador had their embassies in Jerusalem when he spoke his ignorant words.  The other day, he was defending his sale of his lousy network to Qatar on American TV: he said that Qatar is "the closes ally" of the US in the region and that it hosts the US fleet.  This foreign policy expert confuses Qatar and Bahrain but is still considered a foreign policy expert.