Saturday, December 15, 2012

The FSA's massacre in `Aqraba: a story covered up in the Western media

Alan sent me this:  "
Here is a blog post and video from Alex Thompson Channel 4 news UK, “Was there a massacre in the Syrian town of Aqrab?” 14/ 12/ 2012  he is reporting from the outskirts of the village of Aqrab, Hama, Syria. It confirms the view you expressed in a blog post of your own on Wednesday last “Free Syrian Army thugs (and Free Sunni Army thugs--another gang) kidnap those `Alawites and make them tell a different story

I found the following a particularly upsetting reference to the plight of Alawite hostages been held by FSA fighters; “In that time they say almost no food was delivered, and women were hitting their own children to try and stop them crying. When it rained, they were holding rags out of the window to soak up and drink the moisture.”"