Tuesday, December 18, 2012

On the captors of Richard Engel: the plot thickens

So who kidnapped Mr. Richard Engel?  A knowledgeable Western journalist sent me this:
"there is a Shiite village in Idlib called Fu'a, and every time a journalist gets kidnapped in Idlib at first the opposition activists blame Shiites or even Alawites (!) as happened three weeks ago with a different group.  ِِِAnyway Fu'a is surrounded by armed opposition supporters, so its unlikely its men could just drive around as is described in the official account, and they would probably not say they were shiites let along brag about their alleged training (and there is no way they got revolutionary guard training)
then this video came out:
and it has since been removed, what it showed is Engel and his team in a bare room saying who they are, on the walls in green spray paint are written fresh looking pro Assad graffiti like al Assad or we will burn the country, and something about dhulfiqar which is obviously Shiite
it seems very much like a setup, like the kidnappers wanted him to think he was taken by Shiites
and if he was taken by Shiites or regime loyalists he would not have been released so quickly so its a bullshit story
maybe A....
i think they took down the video because Engel is made to say something anti-American
PS  here is the video"

PPS Now this is me, Angry Arab.  I looked at the video and it is so clearly a set up and the slogans are so clearly fake and they intend to show that they were clearly Shi`ites and that they are savages.  If this one is believable, I am posing as a dentist.

PPPS Of course, I am not saying that Engel was on this plot.  I think that they were really kidnapped but that the kidnappers of the Free Syrian Army typically lied to them about their identity, which has happened before.