Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The personal fortune of Abbas

" According to the paper, Abbas earns $1 million a month. US President Barack Obama's annual salary, in comparison, stands at $400,000. The paper also quoted data published by the Inlight Press website according to which Abbas holds several Jordanian accounts of more than $500 million, mostly Palestinian tax payer money.  
"The accounts are not under any national or international scrutiny," the paper said. "Recently, Abbas urged Moscow to supply him with a new advanced presidential jet worth $55 million despite the fact that he has a new Global Express speed jet bought for $53 million at his disposal. In addition he also uses a 504 Challenger jet."

The paper further noted that the Foreign Ministry is slated to release a report for donor states which shows that Abbas' personal expenses in the past eight years have exceeded $1 billion. It was also claimed that PA sources said that the president owns many lands.

The paper claims that Abbas' sons are given a share of all Palestinian Authorities projects, based on information from the Inlight Press website.

"This explains why Abu Mazen tried to promote a Dead Sea tourism project funded by Gulf states. It is claimed that his sons won contracts for more than $250 million."",7340,L-4305124,00.html