Saturday, November 17, 2012

Arwa Mahdawi: trying to hard to ingratiate herself with the White Man

"The rather brilliant Israeli writer Amos Oz once said that the Israel-Palestine conflict is, ultimately, a dispute over real estate."  This cliche by Oz made you judge that he is brilliant? What you have ever seen from his brilliance? Not even Zionist fans talk about his brilliance.  You must be really easily impressed to judge that Amos Oz is brilliant.  Did you find his racism against Arabs to be brilliant? Did you find his support for every Israeli war to be brilliant?  Or do you find his blame of Middle East Jews for the rise of the right in Israel as brilliant?  Tell us about your calculations, please.  Or do you mean to say that if you say that Amos Oz is brilliant, the White Man will find you to be reasonable? I tend to believe so especially that you here try so hard to reassure the White Man:  "more moderate Palestinian community – which, being half-Palestinian, I number myself among."  Oh, so you now are reassuring the White Man that you--unlike other bad natives--are a half native and a moderate at that? How impressive.  How moderate of you.  If I am not nauseous now from your words, I would be impressed.