Friday, October 26, 2012

Where do they get those people?

Look at this analysis:  "Most striking, the once-svelte, turbaned cleric has ballooned into corpulence. Perhaps the bunker lifestyle with its attendant lack of exercise is catching up with the aging sheikh. Or maybe Nasrallah is stress eating. Regardless, images of the now rotund, almost cherubic Hezbollah leader laboriously ascending the podium in September to deliver a fiery "death to America, death to Israel" speech (posted on the organization's Intiqad electronic magazine website) do not inspire the same level of terror as before."  I don't see any changes in the weight of Nasrallah.  In fact, from the first time I saw him in person I thought that he was more overweight than he appears on the screen.  In the last few years (after the July war), I thought that he has lost some weight.   In fact, last time I was in Lebanon I learned that he does get exercise and does see the sun regularly.  I mean, you have somebody like the Zionist above who watches TV and who vomit opinion and final judgment on subjects that they don't know anything about.