Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Syrian rebels resorting to bombing by slingshots: behind the propaganda

Look at this picture in the New York Times.  It is supposed to draw your sympathy because it shows how poorly equipped the Syrian armed fanatical gangs are (many of them, by the way, wear Al-Qa`idah bandanas now).  1) It is a lie that they need to use a slingshot to bomb. 2) Where is all the money and cash that some of the wealthiest countries of the world are sending them?   There was one ship destined for Syrian armed gangs that was intercepted off the coast of Lebanon and it had no slingshots on it. 3) I remember that Western media were outraged and aghast when Palestinians resorted to throwing rocks at Israeli terrorist occupiers by slingshots.  It was considered terrorism but I guess the rules don't apply to those gangs--no rule apply to those gangs.  4) The paper edition of the times referred (in the same caption under the same picture) to this tool as catapult but the word has been changed to slingshot in the on-line edition in order to make it less harmful when they are seen mounting explosives on it.  5) Where is Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International?  Do you know how inaccurate bombing by slingshots or catapult is?  Now we know the way the armed Syrian gangs execute their war: I estimate that at least a whole Syrian family perished with this throw up in the picture.  If this is your "revolution", I never in my life was a champion of revolution.  This is your revolution only by the standard of Bin Laden. 

PS I am still seething about this image.  Those are inheritors of Bin Laden.  They are terrorists and not revolutionaries.  They are terrorist in their methods very much like the Syrian regime that they are fighting.