Monday, September 17, 2012

To American politicians: do you think that you are fooling Mulims when you tell them you have abolute freedom of speech in the US?

US officials have been really insulting my intelligence all week with talk of the "freedom of speech" that we have here in the US that Muslims don't understand.  Oh, they do understand.  They understand that the US government has made it illegal for anyone to express support for Hamas and Hizbullah in the US.  Muslim do understand that the US has banned TV channels from the US because they deemed them offensive to Israel.  Muslims do understand that the US pressures other Middle East governments to ban speech and TV channels that are deemed offensive to Israel.  So please don't be cute when you pretend that the US strictly adheres to absolute freedom of speech.  Furthermore, the notion that the US does not interfere in media expression is not true. We remember that the Bush administration asked all US news media after Sep. 11 to refrain from airing any Bin Laden tapes.  All media complied with that order, incidentally.  Finally, there as also the topic of freedom of speech in the US: of course, we don't have legally unlimited freedom of speech in the US.  Supreme Court has allowed for the regulation of true and false speech in the US, and there are various categories in that regard.  Read Anthony Lewis history of freedom of speech: Freedom for the Thought that We Hate: A Biography of the First Amendment.