Friday, August 17, 2012

Ali Farzat: what is happening to exile Syrian intellectuals

It is rather sad to watch the decline of some of the Syrian dissident intellectuals (there are no Syrian regime intellectuals to speak of really).  But to see the vulgar and crude language used by Ali Farzat and others is just sickening.  I am told that Farzat even used sectarian language in agitation against the journalist, Alia Ibrahim, a correspondent for Al-Arabiyyah (the lousy news station of King Fahd's brother-in-law). Wait: there is a reference here to the shameful sectarian role of Farzat in this case.  Farzat by his own admission was "a friend" of Bashshar and he was close to Mukhabarat henchmen--but without his admission.

PS I still think that he is one of the most talented Arab cartoonist but he failed to produce one brilliant drawing in the crisis.  His vulgar political role seems to have been bad for his talent.

PPS Wait, I learned more about this case. The despicable Ali Farzat agitated against Alia Ibrahim and described as Shi`ite.  When it was revealed that she was Sunni, Farzat sneakily removed his comment against her.