Friday, July 20, 2012

A word on `Alawites

It is the season of open bigotry against `Alawites--qua `Alawites.  I see it in the Qatari-Saudi media and in the Western media.  Western journalists are even resorting to justifications for the butchery of `Alawites by gangs of the Free Syrian Army.  The coverage is almost exterminationist in goals.  Every attack on `Alawite civilians is coupled with explanation of "shabbihah" (to equate the two) and with a reference to the `Aalwite ruling families.  It is quite unprecedented.  I mean, the key elements of the Zionist regime are Jewish but I never see Western journalists justifying attacks on Israeli civilians.  When you read articles on Syria, including in the Economist, just replace the word `Alawite with the word Jewish and see how it sounds.  The fact that the Syrian regime is `Alawite does not mean that: 1) the regime has NOT repressed anyone and everyone regardless of sect: the criterion is loyalty and not sect; 2) (does not mean that) the regime would have survived and lasted without support from non-`Alawites.  Remember that the `Alawites are no more than 13 or 14 % of the population.  3) There has never been a consensus among `Alawites for supporting the Asad regime.  Never.  4) Western media adhere overall to liberal standards except when it comes to the Middle East.  They sound like fascist European media.