Saturday, June 30, 2012

The true colors of the Syrian National Council: racism, sectarianism, and anti-Semitism

I have argued all along that the Syrian National Council is but a front for the religious fanatics of the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood.  Only recently have Western media begun to note the influence of the Ikhwan: perhaps because several leaders of the council resigned in protest against Ikhwan domination.  So the Syrian National Council issues a daily statement that is placed on its official page and on its FB page.  Here is the one from today:
"شطب السوريون من قاموسهم كلمة "خوف"، زالت وإلى الأبد يا أسد !. حمص باقية وإدلب باقية ، ودوما المنكوبة باقية وإلى قيام الساعة، حيث الملحمة الكبرى ، وحينئذٍ ينهزم الاوغاد ويفرح المؤمنون بنصر الله كما سيفرحون عما قريب بنصرهم على الباطنية الخبيثة والصفوية المجوسية ومن شايعها من يهود و........، بإذن الله، وما النصر إلا من عند الله ، ونحن (واثقون بنصر الله) ، والله أكبر ولله الحمد ."
The problem, according to the reader who shared with me, the statement was removed after some readers protested.  I need someone to translate the passage for me: it manages to insult Iranians, Shi`ites, and Jews in the same sentence.  It reminds me of the language of Saddam Husayn's mukhabarat chief, Fadil Al-Barrak.

PS The Friday of protest in Syria was named yesterday "We are confident in God's victory".  Secular my potato. Neither the regime nor the exile opposition are secular, of course.  They use religion to their own ends.