Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Shaykh Al-Asir

This sectarian (Sunni) cleric has been vomiting hate and agitation and lies for months now: it is clear that there is a central Hizbullah order to ignore him and to not respond to him.  But this man with limited abilities and intelligence is unrelenting.  New TV shamefully gave him the airwaves for 90 minutes the other day (which triggered the shameful attack on the station by a handful of thugs yesterday).  New TV should not have put him on the air.  His lies have been exposed more than once and his mission to trigger a sectarian war is now quite obvious.  But among the things he said on New TV is that the Saudi embassy called him and invited him for a meeting and offered to send armored embassy cars to bring him to Beirut.  Just like that.

PS The mother of this sectarian bigot is a Shi`ite woman from Tyre.