Tuesday, June 26, 2012

lobbying for arms for gangs of the UnFree Syrian Army

An Syrian who wishes to remain anonymous sent me this:  "In 2008 he was the Obama campaign's "Muslim Outreach Coordinator" but was forced to resign by right-wing bigots. So he was not good enough for getting out the vote but now he is lobbying Congress to arm people who they identified as "leaders of the revolution" on Skype and Facebook, after they saw videos on YouTube that convinced them armed force is the only way to resist the Assad government (not joking, see the article). If there was a lobby group to arm any other Arab uprising, there would be a federal grand jury convened to determine whether there was material support for terrorists. Whatever voice or influence Syrian Americans are able to get on this issue in the halls of power will be purely a function of U.S. foreign policy interests, and they will be shocked when the doors are shut in their face as soon as those interests shift. They are naive enough to think that their influence was not coincidental but rather the result of their hard work."