Wednesday, June 27, 2012

From Belgium

Semir sent me this:  "Nevertheless another link about the human values in Belgian society: 
14 police officers stand trial today in a case of abuse of homeless people who sleep in the railway station. 
“Some homeless people were mistreated and humiliated by the police. Police officer Christelle L. was offered an illegal homeless immigrant for her birthday. The man has been taken violently to a small police office under the railway station. There he was beaten with an electrical cable while his hands were cuffed on his back and his head blocked in a closet. Afterwards the Algerian man was thrown on the floor and 1 of the police officers started jumping on him as if he were a trampoline.”    
“Some (female) officers like Audrey N. enjoyed it to kick the homeless in the testicles during interventions.” 
“1 police officer became angry with a 12 year old gypsy girl and cut of her long hair and threw it in a toilet-bucket in front of her eyes”".  
These abuses went on since 2006 for several months, the officers told they did this because they were frustrated with the Belgian justice system, they were angry because of the fact that when they arrest people for the crimes they committed, those people are being released some days later by justice and they reappear in the railway station. 
Damn I love this country!"