Friday, June 29, 2012

First lady of Egypt, so to speak

Look how disgustingly bigoted and politically biased the coverage of the New York Times is about the wife of Muhammad Mursi.   They found this person (a convenient native who is willing to say what the White Man correspondent wants to say) to say this:  "Noran Noaman, 21, an engineering student, said Ms. Mahmoud embarrassed her. “If you travel to New York or wherever, people would make fun of you and say: ‘Your first lady wears the abaya, hahaha,’ ” she said. “Previous first ladies used to be elegant.”"   Oh, really.  The multiple wives of the various oil and gas kings and princes have been mostly invisible for decades and that has never bothered the US or the media.  How come this will be a problem?  Also, it was very clear during the campaign (even from liberal candidates) that the model represented by Jihan Sadat or Susanne Mubarak was not a model favored by Egyptians--and not necessarily due to sexism mind you--it was more due to...corruption.  The same thing in Jordan: many of the complaints about Queen Youtube Rania is about the corruption of her family and her desperate attempt to impress and please the White Man--very much like Jihan Sadat.  Susanne Mubarak treated the Egyptian museum as her own personal closet.