Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Bashshar: leader of Greater Syria?

Akram sent me this:  "According to Nahed Hattar (Arabic):  Assigning a post in the new Syrian cabinet to a "coherent and genuine communist" (Qadri Jamil) means Al-Assad is determined to wipe out the "high profile corruption", the compradorists, and the neoliberals
  1. Assigning another post to a the leader of the Syrian National Social Party, Ali Haidar, is a significant (conceived by the great leader (Al-Assad, not Haidar of course) step towards reconstructing the Syrian society on National (he means The great Syrian Nation) basis
  2. Conclusions:
  1. First headline of Sana tomorrow: Rami Makhlouf hanged, his assets confiscated
  2. Second headline: Syrian and Jordan one state under the wise leadership of both his Excellency and his Majesty
  3. Bashar Al-Assad is an Arab nationalist, Syrian nationalist and communist at once
  4. Nahed Hattar is hallucinating... read his full delusion here (Arabic) and find out how the destiny of Russia is determined by Al-Assad who will formulate the global scene".