Friday, June 08, 2012

Assessing the Arab counter-revolution

A socialist colleague who does not want to be identified sent me this:  "As'ad, the Americans and the Saudis overplayed their hand in Egypt and the result will not be good. The Jordanians who began repressing a few weeks ago after being told by the Saudis and the Americans that Egypt has been fixed are trembling over what will happen tomorrow and the next few week in Egypt with repercussions in Amman.
The Americans are stupid and not as smart as they used to be. They know they have 20 more years of Empire if they play it right, but they might end up having 5 more years if they keep this strategy up. Had they been smart they would have let Sabbahi win and then had him assassinated.
Egypt is in big trouble as far as I can see —Germany will not take this lying down. The US is making it increasingly difficult for international capital to have long term investments in the region and world capitalism can no longer be entrusted to it. Russia, India, China, Brazil and Germany as leader of a-soon-to-be-subdued Europe, minus the UK servants of the US, will not let this happen without resisting it.
It seems one could have a number of readings of US strategy, one of which could be that US strategy at this point would have to be a military strategy in that it would not mind engulfing the whole region in bloodshed and can takeover the Gulf militarily fully to have power over China and Europe. As Nuclear power can no longer be relied on by international capital after the Japanese disaster, the US will not mind nuking the 350 million Arabs to keep the oil."