Thursday, May 31, 2012

Zionism is always racism II: "Sudanese housekeeper nearly 'lynched' in Eilat"

"Abdullah Abuya, 40, from Darfur, is lying beaten and injured in his house in Eilat, after he was allegedly attacked by seven young guests at the Club Hotel where he works.  "It happened last Saturday," Abuya told Ynet on Tuesday. "At 7 pm I was asked to deliver towels and soap to one of the rooms. While I was in the hallway, two men stopped me and asked me to give them the towels. I told them that they were reserved for other guests, and that they can call the front desk and ask for whatever they needed.  "In response, the two attacked me with their fists," Abuya recalled, adding that after he fell on the floor, "five of their friends joined them and they all beat me together. I yelled, and the security guard came to my help, but he was one and they were many. They lifted me and tried to throw me out of the window. I tried to resist, and then another security guard came and they managed to stop them.  According to Abuya, many hotel guest witnessed the attack, which lasted more than 10 minutes, but did nothing to stop the assailants.  Police officers who arrived at the scene detained two of the attackers for questioning. During the investigation, the two claimed that they acted in self defense after the hotel employee attacked them. They were both released under restricting conditions."