Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Western-approved Jihad (or Jeeeeeeehad)

Basim sent me this:  "Whereas the Saudi/Qatari media regularly invent stories of Hizbullah or IRGC soldiers operating in Syira (tales reprised by the Western media), here a Lebanese openly brags about joining the FSA. Can you imagine the outcry if this guy was from from Hizbullah and felt compelled to fight for the regime? (the Security Council would probably meet in emegency session):
"QAA, Lebanon: Khaled had crossed the border from Syria less than an hour earlier, using routes controlled by armed Syrian rebels to reach the frontier from his base in Homs. Hidden inside a temporary two-room safe house in a remote area near Qaa, Khaled explained why he, a Sunni Lebanese from a village in the Bekaa Valley, had volunteered a year ago to join the Free Syrian Army, the main armed group fighting to overthrow the regime of President Bashar Assad.  “Today there is a need for jihad in Syria, a jihad for righteousness. It is a religious duty to help our Muslim brothers in Syria,” he says, his portly frame sitting on the edge of a narrow bed. In his late 40s and sporting a thick beard and wearing a black turban, Khaled is one of an estimated 300 Lebanese from the Bekaa Valley who have joined the revolt against the Assad regime.""