Monday, May 28, 2012

Saudi propaganda in the Guardian

I saw this link on Brian Whitaker's Twitter' page.  But this was borrowed from the Saudi website, Al-Arabiyya (which posts and invents bizarre Iranian claims on regular semi-weekly basis).  And the headline does not go with the alleged statement: it makes it sound like the guy in question admitted a presence of the troops.  1) Why would the Syrian army which is experienced in killing people need the help of the Iranian troops; 2) why would a non-brain damaged commander of the Quds Force admit to such a thing, if true, publicly? 3) Why would the claims on Saudi websites--known for a long record of inventions and fabrications--be relied on for anything? 4) Did you notice that the Guardian writer cited an Israeli expert on Iran?  Would the Guardian ever dare cite an Iranian expert on Israel in articles dealing with Israeli politics?