Friday, May 11, 2012

Missing Saudis

Hector sent me this:  "Is it possible to remind your readership to support the campaign to end the arrest of Khaled Al-Johani, the lone demonstrator from last years aborted Saudi "Day of Rage"
who went on BBC to express his frustrations with the government. He is in danger of being executed at this point, he has 4 children including an autistic son. There is a campaign to keep track of him and exert pressure on the Kingdom through Twitter and Facebook. 
BBC interview in English: 
Human Rights Watch says more than 160 dissidents have been arrested from February to December of 2011 as part of the Saudi government's crackdown on anti-government protesters. From January to October 2011, Saudi Arabia executed at least 61 people! I have this sinking belief that the young Saudi named Muhammad al-Wadani who posted a YouTube video of himself calling for democracy, human rights, could probably have been one of them. If you or your readers know anything on his whereabouts, I would really appreciate it. You can see Al-Wadani being arrested in the youtubes below:
video 1: 
video 2: 
HRW Report: 
It's really disheartening and frustrating that there isn't a single thing in the U.S. media regarding their disappearance. I would really appreciate it and if you've made it this far, you can quote me on this."