Thursday, May 31, 2012

Libyan fighters and kidnappers in Dir`a

Firas Ash-Shufi, correspondent of Al-Akhbar wrote this piece about the boiling anger in Suwayda' (against the armed gangs of the Free Syrian Army).  He told he watched videos of the murders by those Salafite gangs.  He told me that Jordanian intelligence is very active in smuggling fighters and that there are tens of Libyan volunteers (mercenaries?) among the fighters.  They almost instigated a fight with the Druzes of Suwayda' (most of whom still support the regime despite please by Walid Jumblat whose popularity in the area is akin to my popularity among Saudi princes) when they kidnapped Druzes, and then the Druzes kidnapped a large number of Sunnis from the area.  High level intervention ended the tense moment and hostages were freed.  Those deeds of the armed Syrian groups are never mentioned in the Western press.