Sunday, May 27, 2012

How the British milk Arabs

Nu`man sent me this:  "How the British milk Arabs. BAE "won" a contract from the unelected Saudi clan worth £1.9bn. A billion in England is a million million and not as in the USA where it is a thousand million. BAE has said that this has saved 218 British jobs. Each worker in effect has received 8 thousand 715 million 596 thousand 3 hundred and 30 pounds from the Saudi clan to keep him in employment: that is £8,715,596,330."

OK. I was careless in posting this. A billion in the US is a billion there (but in Lebanon where a billion is 5 dollars only). Sorry. But the words are not mine, and some people don't get irony even if it hits them in the face.  Why blame me for the slow-witted among readers out there?