Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Easy target: on the hypocrisy of Nasrallah

This is an easy target, especially when the writer has not one original idea or insight.  I mean, how brave it is to criticize Nasrallah on Aljazeera.  He thinks that he stumbled on some fresh idea, when Jeffrey Feltman has been saying the same thing for the last many months.  I don't understand what is new here, and Feltman should ask for royalties.  Is Nasrallah inconsistent?  Of course, he is, just as Qatar supports uprising in Syria but not Bahrain or Oman, or just as the US supports uprising in Syria but not in Egypt or Bahrain.  I mean, it is rather sad that the author thinks that he has something new here.  All sides in the Lebanese conflict are inconsistent and hypocritical given their regional alliances but notice that the author did not dare utter one word about the March 14 coalition (the rivals of Nasrallah in Lebanon): they support uprising in Syria but not in Bahrain or Egypt (when it was ruled by Mubarak, their ally)?