Monday, April 30, 2012

When Zionists find words that fit their views

This is classic.  When Zionists read words by Arabs which tend to go along with their views and Zionist impulses, they do this:  1) they exaggerate the significance of the writer (who in almost most cases no one in the Arab world has ever heard of--like in this case; 2) they highlight the words and they spread them; 3) they make the person a representative of a deep trend in Arab society.  Look at this:  "Hanin Ghaddar, a rising young Lebanese Shiite journalist, last week wrote an open letter to Nasrallah published by the popular, saying..."  First of all, I will donate a blender if you can stop 1000 Lebanese in the street in Lebanon if you find one person who knows who this "rising young journalist is".    Secondly, Friedman does not tell the readers that NowLebanon (I call it NowHariri) is a Hariri-created, funded group (who know is run by the Hariri-Lebanese Forces-affiliated, Elie Khuri, of Quantum.  I mean, it should be surprising to Mr. Friedman that Saudi-supported media are opposing Nasrallah?  3) In the last parliamentary election in Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and Hariri supported Ahmad Al-As`ad as an alternative to Nasrallah among the Shi`ites of Lebanon.  He received a whopping 1% of Shi`ite vote.  Enjoy.