Wednesday, April 25, 2012

"Syrian activists": they embellish, after all

Let us face it: Dunya TV has been documenting the embellishment and fabrications of those folks for months but no Western media bothered to cover because Neil MacFarquhah and others in the Western media (who don't know Arabic) insist that Syrian regime TV is not even reporting on what is happening in Syria.  "A new report, airing tonight on Britain’s Channel 4 News, shows the video activists in a new and intimate light. In it, Tellawi and his colleagues scramble to confirm death tolls, brave bomb blasts, and duck sniper fire.  They also, it turns out, embellish.  Channel 4 News gave The Daily Beast an exclusive look at the upcoming documentary, shot by an up-and-coming photojournalist named Mani, who goes by only one name, in order to avoid compromising future trips to Syria." (thanks Jaafar)