Saturday, April 28, 2012

Covering up for Saudi Arabia

Western media are accomplices in Saudi oppression.  They covered up  and/or not covered: 1) the case of the Saudi student who tweeted about Muhammad and then fled the country only to be brought back by Interpol.  He now languishes in jail in Saudi Arabia and no one brings up his case. It this happened in Iran , New York liberals would be holding vigils and they would be doing public readings of his tweets.  Western governments would be "expressing concern; 2) they have barely covered the shooting at demonstrators in Qatif.  3) They have not been covering the cases of political prisoners and hunger strikes in the Kingdom.  4) they have not covered to my knowledge the statement of the highest religious authority in the Kingdom (the chief Mufti) in which he called for the destruction of all churches in Arabia.  Not one Saudi official dared speak against that, and Saudi (so-called) liberals were silent as well--how could they not when they work at the pleasure of this or that Saudi prince.  5) They disregard the statements of sectarian hate that are being vomited daily by Saudi media: western media and governments don't care as long as hate is not being expressed to Israel or Zionists.