Monday, April 30, 2012

Bahrain Update

From Bahrain chief correspondent: "I know my government well. This retrial is a sneaky way for them to place pressure on alkhawaja to stop his hunger strike and to buy time:  I mean even the doctors have still not been found innocent and its been what, months?  And as blogger @chanadbh pointed out on twitter: media reports should also mention that the head of Bahrain's judiciary is the cousin of the King and PM

This is a big joke. Whats the difference. Its a way for them to get international praise. I'm sure the US will now say how great this is. Nothing will change - I mean like I just said, look at the doctors - they are still on trial and the hearings keep getting delayed. I don't even bother to update myself with what's going on with them anymore since its the same crap over and over again:

Its either a constant struggle between members of the royal family who like winning international praise by pretending to do something when in reality its all a lie, and those who don't give a damn and want to kill like its no tomorrow. Or its the same people trying to do both at the same time and the world seems to love it. For example, they hire rifraf (sp?) from the US and England to "reform" the police. Western governments shower praise on them because what can be better than Timoney -"worst cop in america" and Yates who is involved in the phone hacking scandal? And what measures are these two implementing? Lets see - a more effective way to use excessive force by teargassing residential areas."