Monday, April 02, 2012

Bahrain Update

Angry Arab chief Bahrain correspondent:  "This is an update from a friend on the doctors case. If the government can't even clear the doctors from charges, despite the international outcry, what do we expect is to happen to other less famous cases?:

The doctors trial is still going on. The court requested the forensic records to evidence torture from the BICI but the BICI did not respond. The group of medics have suggested a list of internationally accredited medical professionals to hold the forensic tests for the torture victims as the court has ordered such test be administered. The verdicts are expected to come out after approximately three weeks and the doctors have not been able to practices medicine, some of which still cannot, for over a year now. The consequences are for those without private clinics is that they are not able to secure their license and being unable to practice for the past year along with however longer they are prohibited from it jeopardizes their medical licenses. Even those who might choose to leave the country and practice medicine elsewhere will have to re-pass some significant parts of the medical examination and accreditation process which also puts their career at a standing point. One of the doctors stated that the social, economic and legal effects of this are taking a toll on on their lives as their source of income is stalled, their families are severely affected, some are suffering from debts and fear the loss of their medical license after these trials. Moreover, Bahrain has such a limited number of professionals and this does not only limit the services provided for injured protesters but also for regular patients who need specific treatments that is provided by only a handfull of the country's leading doctors, some of which are on trial since last year's arrests. Apparently there is a 100% deficiency in the transplant department as well as 100% failure in the Neurology department since the Minister of HR & Minister of Health Fatema Albeloushi has attempted to make up for the missing professionals by promoting from grade 5 to 10 who are now failing to perform adequate procedures to their lack to experience on that level. Also, Mrs. Albeloushi attempted to hire medics from India which rejected so they requested people from Pakistan & Jordan."