Thursday, March 29, 2012

This is hilarious: Elizabeth Flock reports on `Adnan `Ar`ur

It is really hilarious.  When the West finds clients in the region, they throw their support without asking questions, just as they supported the precursors and fellow travelers of Al-Qa`idah.  I reported earlier on `Ar`r and said that I have not seen reports on the guy, but I was proven wrong.  Elizbeth Flock wrote an article about him for the Washington Post but I doubt that she has ever watched his speeches.  She thinks that he is some feminist or sufi guru.  Austin sent me this comment and the link:  "You said in a post today that Al-Ar'ur is never mentioned in Western media. But, oh ho ho, you are mistaken my friend. Check this out:  In this article is an embedded video wherein Al-Ar'ur actually has some compassionate, encouraging words for rape victims in Syria. Of course, one should be aware of the overall balance of his rhetoric and his positions, but I actually saw this on a friend's Facebook wall with comments suggesting that he is some sort of paragon of Islamic magnanimity and compassion. Kid you not. I wonder if the people who wrote this article or their sources thereof know anything else about this man."