Monday, March 26, 2012

Syrian revolution?

I have not of course used the word revolution on any of the Arab uprisings and wrote (in Arabic at length) against applying the word revolution to recent Arab political developments--at least not yet.  But it is amusing the ease and casualness in which people refer to the "Syrian revolution"--it is as absurd as when the ruling Ba`th Party refers to its seizure of power as revolution.  So when there is a revolution, there are revolutionaries: who are they?  Radwan Ziadeh, Basma Kodmani, and the various Ikhwan leaders? Please enjoy your revolution but far far away from me.

PS Please enjoy this revolutionary speech which has been compared to the speeches of Trotsky and Lenin during the Russian Revolution and to the speeches of Robespierre during the French revolution.

PPS I deserve royalties for the above speech: I have sent thousands of readers to this youtube revolutionary event.