Saturday, March 31, 2012

Flash and exclusive: Anne Barnard for the first time ever expresses skepticism on Syria

This is rather hilarious.  This is a person who believes anything and everything she is told from the contacts that are provided to her by Hariri press office and their Ikhwan (Ikhwan, Anne is Arabic for Muslim Brotherhood because I knew that you were going to ask), expresses skepticism.  Why? Because she is here talking to a real opposition figure, Haytham Al-Manna`, who leads an opposition movement inside Syria.  She just can't seem to accept any view that does not square with her idol, Ali Al-Bayanuni, the Ikhwan sectarian fanatic who she described as moderate this week on Hariri TV:  "“If what we hear is true, this is an irresponsible attitude from the Saudis,” said Mr. Manna, who opposes the use of force by the opposition and is staying away from the Istanbul meeting. He said some rebel groups were led by extremist Salafi groups, and that others had used child soldiers or foreign fighters, accusations that could not be independently verified."  Accusations that could not be verified?  Have you ever added that qualification before to any of the claims that you heard from the Muslim Brotherhood, Anne?   But I really do like Anne's reporting on Syria.  It is too transparent: she is not even trying to be a professional journalist anymore.  Just watch her propaganda shtick appearance on Hariri TV.