Thursday, March 29, 2012

Classism of Syrian regime propaganda

Rafiq Lutf is a famous name now in Syrian media affairs.  He is identified as a former US-based journalist although I have never ever heard of him.  But he (or whoever is behind him) has made a coup: he has been releasing outtakes and raw footage from Aljazeera and from opposition videos.  Most damning stuff: talks of executions by members of Free Syrian Army, and showing a Aljazeera camera man directing members of the Free Syrian Army and arguing whether it should be said it was from this city or that, and even talk of money.  So today, he was insulting the Free Syrian Army members and said: they are bunch of peasants who can be bought off. Literally.  To her credit, the anchorwoman, Hana' (what is her last name), she gently interrupted him to say that being a peasant is not an offense and that all Syrians are of peasant background.  But this Rafiq sounds like an intelligence character and even implied that such future camera gatherings of Free Syrian Army would be bombed and that their faces are "all known to us".