Friday, March 16, 2012

Bashshar's emails

A Syrian friend in the opposition wrote me an email about the Bashshar's email.  I am citing (with his permission) some passages:  "I saw your comments about the Assad email leaks and I must say I think you were a little too fast to judge that they are not authentic.  I can tell you that for sure the emails between Mayassa Al Thani and Asma are authentic.  Mayassa is... and those emails from her precisely relfect her style, mindset and ambition to impress her dad.   Also, Soliaman Maaroof who apparently is Asma's personal shopper in London is a...and I know that he and his dad are conducting international business on behalf of the Assads.  Furthermore, why do u think it's strange for Bashar to exchange silly YouTube videos?  Have you not noticed that side of his personality throughout his previous interviews before the uprising?   I personally cannot confirm the other emails but they make a lot of sense to me."