Thursday, March 29, 2012

Anne Barnard just believes whatever opposition sources tell her

"Skeptics say that if whole populations were fleeing there would be many thousands more refugees in neighboring countries. Refugees, however, say that many people are afraid to cross into Lebanon, whose army they see as supporting Syria, and instead have fled to relatives’ homes elsewhere in Syria."  Wait, Anne. Wait.  So you say that skeptics make the valid point that if this is a phenomenon, you would see the number of refugees close to that after Bush's invasion of Iraq and not around 20,000 or so in total.  But then you believe that response to the skeptics: that they are afraid of the Lebanese Army? Well, first, no one is afraid of the Lebanese Army--no one on this earth at least. Secondly, if they are afraid of the Lebanese Army, how did they make it into Lebanon?  Thirdly, there are many areas at the border which are not under the control of the Lebanese Army but under the control of Hariri Salafite goons.  Fourthly, juts yesterday, a major arms smuggling operation was discovered. So if weapons are pouring in from Lebanon into Syria, then surely people can come through.  Fifthly, let me get this straight: those people are fleeing a cleansing campaign by all `Alawites against all Sunnis, but they found it safer to go to other Sunni areas instead of Lebanon? Is there anything that you would not believe, Ms. Barnard?  Anything at all?