Friday, February 24, 2012

Western academics as military experts

She is not a Middle East expert, but what the hell. Everybody is these days, as long as you are fanatic supporter of Israeli aggression.  Look at this: "Establishing these zones would require nations like Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Jordan to arm the opposition soldiers with anti-tank, countersniper and portable antiaircraft weapons. Special forces from countries like Qatar, Turkey and possibly Britain and France could offer tactical and strategic advice to the Free Syrian Army forces. Sending them in is logistically and politically feasible; some may be there already."  I mean, here is what sinister about these casual calls for arming groups (some of which are Bin Ladenites by US admission): can you imagine those experts debating on the pages of New York Times ways to arm Palestinian groups during various successive Israeli wars of aggression and massacres?  Would any of them dare suggest that the Palestinians be armed with stones and pebbles?  Would they dare?  Ask any of those who are merely debating the options.  Would they dare debate options of arming the Palestinian resistance?