Sunday, February 26, 2012

US concerns for a humanitarian Islam

We remember how hard the US government came on Saudi Arabia and other Muslim governments whenever any of their clerics spoke against Jews or ruled against occupation or called for Jihad in Palestine or Iraq or wherever else the US was liberating.  The US claimed that it would be bad for world peace for those voices to be made.  The Saudi government of course responded and muzzled many of those voices. But Saudi clerics have been loud and clear against `Alawites and against Shi`ites and calling for Jihad and killings and assassinations in Syria. I noticed that the US government did not express any disagreements and I also noticed that there were no congressional hearings on the matter.  I know that hostility and hatred of Jews is considered worse than hostility and hatred of other religions in this country, but should not hatred be treated as hatred regardless of the object of hatred?  I am asking rhetorically of course because I know the answers to those questions.  So we now can tell this: "Jihadi Islam" is not really bothersome to the US and Israel: it is only bothersome if directed against US and Israel, but have been embraced when directed against communists or Qadhdhafi during NATO intervention and now in Syria.  So the US, it can be said, favors some Jihadi fanatics over other Jihadi fanatics.  OK. OK.