Wednesday, February 29, 2012

THIS IS INCREDIBLE. US Congress decides to make US aid conditional on democratic reform AFTER Egypt became democratic and after the fall of the dictator

Of course, it is about the treaty and not about democratic reform.  I mean, why did they not think of this legislation during the 40 years of US-imposed dictatorship in Egypt?  "Under new legislation adopted by Congress late last year, American aid to Egypt cannot be delivered until certain requirements are met. Officials in Washington say the criminal case would almost certainly prevent that. In the case of $1.3 billion in military assistance, including arms sales, the aid can be delivered only if Mrs. Clinton and the State Department certify that Egypt is adopting basic democratic reforms, including freedom of speech and association.  All other aid, including economic assistance and support for democracy, is subject to the department’s certification that Egypt will continue to adhere to the Camp David peace treaty with Israel."