Sunday, February 26, 2012

Syrian opposition media

Between the Syrian regime media and the Syrian opposition media one is bombarded with lies and fabrications.  I treat both as utterly unreliable.  Of course, Western media and Arab (read Saudi and Qatari) media treat Syrian opposition media as always reliable.   Syrian opposition media are insisting that Syrians are being forced to vote today.  If the lousy Syrian regime can still force people, they would be forced to not protest and to not shoot. This claim of "forcing" is no longer valid when the wall of fear has been broken by the Syrian people themselves (maybe the exiled Qatari funded opposition is unaware of that).  There are Syrians who send me messages against the regime in Syria and use their full names now when in the past they used to hide behind code names.  But the Syrian opposition media is so dogmatic: any fact or any reality that does not fit into the narrative, has to be discarded.  And their premise is that there is no single Syrian who supports Bashshar.  I argued with opponents of the regime who really believe that.  They really believe that people who demonstrate in support of Bashshar are forced to by the regime when there are Syrians living in the US who also support Bashshar.  Of the Syrian opposition sources, Al-Haqiqah remains more reliable (albeit controversial): it attacks both the regime and the Syrian National Council opposition.  I met its founder and he has contacts in various key areas of Syrian politics and society.