Monday, February 27, 2012

Sadiq Jalal Al-Azm

Is Sadiq Jalal Al-Azm not well?  The one I have known was very smart so how could he sign his name to this absurdity:  "but one that also has a genesis of its own in the Lebanese Cedar Revolution of 2005-6".  The "Cedar Revolution" was Saudi-sponsored and was aligned closely with the Mubarak regime and with every Arab tyranny except the Syrian tyranny.  So you are now convinced that it inspired the Arab uprisings?  This has been promoted in Hariri propaganda media and I am sure that Al-Azm did not write it but it will shame him (and shame his intelligence) for putting his name to this.  Finally, it is very ironic that Sadiq Al-Azm now wants a NATO military force in Syria when he during his career has basically accused every rival Arab intellectual of being a CIA agent or a Mossad agent (read his 1978 polemical book, Ziyarat As-Sadat wa Bu's As-Salam Al-`Adil).