Thursday, February 02, 2012

Robert Fisk: please retire, I am sick and tired of exposing your errors and mistakes

Here, Robert Fisk shows off his Arabic (although he does not know Arabic):  "For Syria – the "Um al-Arabia wahida", the Mother of One Arab People."  Of course, his driver, Abed, translates for him when they travel, on those days when Fisk feels like leaving his area in West Beirut.  Here, Mr. Fisk must have heard the famous Ba`thist slogan "Ummah `Arabiyyah Wahida".  Fisk, confuses the word "um" (mother) with "ummah" (nation or more like volk in German), so he shares it with the reader.  Please, retire, Mr. Fisk.  You are not doing us or yourself a favor by continuing to produce such low quality of journalism.