Sunday, February 26, 2012

Ma'mun Al-Humsi

Ma'mun Al-Humsi is one of the most repulsive characters in an already most umimpressive groups of exile Syrian opposition.  He is mocked constantly for one saying in a press conference in Lebanon: that he does not take money from the Hariri family and that the Hariri family does not deal with people through money.  People are still having a laugh about that to this very day.  And most recently, he issued a threat to `Alawites: that they would all be exterminated.  So you really can count him as a liberal and secular member of the Syrian opposition in exile.  Here is more:  "Mamoun Al-Homsi is pictured above at the Prague Security Conference (NeoCon) with the Israeli-Italian right wing politician and hardline Zionist, Fiamma Nirenstein. Nirenstein who is a neocon Zionist has spent much of her life in an illegal East Jerusalem Settlement called Gilo where she still maintains a home.   Nirenstein is known for translating books of Nathan Sharansky, Bernard Lewis and Ruthie Bloom; she led efforts on behalf of the Israeli government to thwart the Palestinian bid for full UN membership and Statehood." (thanks A.)