Sunday, February 19, 2012

The lies and fabrications of Bassma Kodmani

So in response to the huge reaction to the video clip of the love-Israel-festival in which she participated in, Bassma Kodmani issued the most disingenuous statement about the case.   What did she say? She said that the clip was edited and distorted but she did not say how and why? And if she was not lying, she would have released the full recording of the program.  In her defense who invoked this defense: 1) she came from a prominent family--kid you not.  2) that her father was an Arab nationalist.  3) that her ex-husband was a Palestinian.  4) that she advocated for the Palestinians although neither I nor anyone I know ever heard of her activism for Palestine EVER.  But unfortunately for Ms. Kodmani, the full program has been released.  Judge for yourselves. (thanks Mirvat)